Production projects explained

Production projects start from templates

Production projects are much faster, and much less expensive than design projects because they start from a template. Templates contain all the information that would normally be defined during the initial discovery phase. They let designers instantly know all the boundaries and rules for the project so they can complete it fully at once.

To start a production project, you need to get a template set up in SketchDeck. If you have your own template already, your project manager at SketchDeck can set it up in our platform to enable production projects for you. You may also start a new design project and request that it be made into a template for future production work. Templates will appear on your shelf in SketchDeck, so when you click the “Start a Project” button you will be able to see all the templates your company has ready.

Production work has specific limitations, listed below. When starting a production project, there will be an option to specify any additional work needed as part of the project that extends beyond the limits of production. For example, a production presentation may have one or two slides that need special creative attention. These special slides will be handled by a more senior designer for an increased charge.

Ideal uses for templates and production projects:

  • Recurring projects, such as a report that must be created every month, or for every user
  • Large events, where many banners, posters, and presentations must be made consistent
  • Branding guides, to update large volumes of existing material to match an existing brand

What can be done as part of a production project:

  • Inserting graphics and stock photos
  • Layout variations allowed by the template
  • Text content that you provide (SketchDeck does not write or develop content)

What requires additional cost to do during a production project:

  • Original custom graphics or illustrations
  • New creative layouts
  • New styles, such as new color palettes or fonts
  • Slide or page dimensions not covered by the template