Design Service Levels

A design project requires a strong understanding between client and designer to communicate a message. That is why a normal design project at SketchDeck begins with a phase called “Style Discovery”. That’s when we learn to understand each other, and establish the creative boundaries that we’ll use to convey the message of the project. We call these types of projects Design with a capital D.

Frequently however, you will want to use an already established style or brand to have projects designed very quickly, with little iteration. By setting up a template in SketchDeck, you can get work done more quickly by skipping the initial discovery phase. You can also start Production level projects from templates, which are less expensive and less creative. Production is ideal when you want to repeat similar projects, or when you want to fit a large volume of material into an existing template. SketchDeck can run more of these projects for you at once, more quickly, and for less cost than anyone else in the world!

Some projects need both Production and Design level work. When starting a project from a template there will  be an option to specify Production and any additional Design work needed during the project.

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