What you'll need to get started

What you'll need to get started

Starting a project with SketchDeck is easy! We just need your content and some style direction from you before we start designing.

1. Share your content

You can provide us with your content in whichever way is best for you! It can be as rough or fleshed out as you prefer. We just need enough information to infer context for the design, and know how much text we can expect to include in a given area of the project for layout. Some great ways to show us your content are:

  • ‍Rough PowerPoint files
  • Sketches
  • Outlined word documents
  • PDFs

2. Tell us about your style

Every company we work with has a unique aesthetic. We want to ensure we’re delivering on-brand materials for you, and in order to do so we just need a little guidance from you. Some good things to share with us are:

  • Brand or style guides if available
  • Brand assets like logo files
  • Your website URL
  • Examples of design that are on-brand/style

Once you have these items gathered up, you’re ready to begin! Just get started here, place the project, and we’ll handle the rest!