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SketchDeck has a new brand, logo, and tagline! We developed it for ourselves using our awesome design service. The new brand will make it easier for us to communicate about our unique fusion of software, and our talented design community.

Current clients: Check out our new look, we think you’ll like it! Read to learn more, and don’t worry -- it’s still our same solid service and caring team delivering your design. Thank you for your continued support.

Walter White, Steve Jobs, and the importance of your sales presentation

Make your billboards more impactful — a data driven analysis.

A data driven analysis to understand what 1M+ view Slideshare presentations have in common.

We analyzed 79 case studies from some of the biggest B2B tech startups. This is what we learned.

We analyzed the brand guides of 50 different companies of all sizes. This is what we learned.

We picked six popular Facebook Ad marketing and image best practices and put them through some heavy testing to find the best ones!

Since the beginning of SketchDeck clients have asked us to design their fundraising pitch decks. We've now worked with over 200 companies to help them impress investors and raise capital for their businesses.

To celebrate our re-brand we had everyone in the design team draw themselves!

How to evaluate the design of a website

A logo is more than an illustration, company name, or chosen symbol—it’s branded semiotics, identifying and connoting meaning about the organization it represents. Alongside design, technology, or just about anything human-produced, logos change with driving cultural and social shifts. Each year we can see patterns in the updates made to company logos, and when looked at over a longer stretch of time, can even view the branded symbol as a bit of a funky, corporate time capsule.

Over the last month we’ve analyzed the social media use of the biggest tech startups. We looked at one hundred billion dollar companies (so called ‘Unicorns’) and collected data on how they use social media. Even if you are not familiar with the startup world some Unicorns have integrated themselves into our culture, like Uber, Pinterest and Airbnb.

Over the last few years, Medium has quickly turned into my favorite place to publish and read. It’s a democratic haven where the most interesting articles will excel. Everyone’s success is determined by the strength of their writing, not their following.

The proliferation of digital technologies has led to a seemingly infinite number of ways to engage with potential customers. From email to websites to social media, each channel presents a different opportunity to market our product or service.

You have a project you want to complete, and you want to know how long it’s going to take. You might break it down into steps you’ve done before, figure out how long, on average, those steps take to complete, and then add them up to get your overall project timeline.

I’m working on my second tech startup now. Before that I was a Management Consultant. Consulting teaches you many good things. Some are useful for starting a company, others are not.

The first goal for your sales or marketing email should be to get it opened. The second is to engage your audience.

15Five and SketchDeck have been working together for sometime now, here's how everything started, and what we have achieved together.

How to get the most out of a conference. Inspired by a recent visit to Launch Festival in San Francisco.

A quick overview of making a great logo

A short practical guide to branding

Our guide to a great sales pitch

Sales meeting are expensive, but every one presents you with a big opportunity. Here's how to make them count.

A quick guide to harnessing the power of content marketing

SketchDeck re-design of the YouGov Entrepreneurs Poll - How startup founders and CEOs rate the top VCs in Silicon Valley

Presenting to an audience is daunting. All the seasoned speakers we've worked with admit they still get stressed about presenting to large audiences. During a stressful talk it's easy to slip into bad habits. We've put together this top 5 list - avoid these and you're doing well!

A spotlight on one of our great designers. This time it's Marin Finerty. She showcases her work and talks about her SketchDeck experience.

A guest post by Jan Schultink - guide to a great sales presentation

Announcing something big? Add a beautiful infographic that highlights your unique business.

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