Announcing New User Roles and Permissions for Accessing SketchDeck




Announcing New User Roles and Permissions for Accessing SketchDeck



Every organisation has a structure that outlines how activities are directed and how information flows. At SketchDeck, we support these structures to enable collaborative, iterative and effective design processes.

We've heard from clients that they wanted flexibility for giving their team access to their account and projects. Today we’re excited to announce the release of Roles - one of our most requested features!

Roles allow organizations to group users by capabilities. Currently, there are three roles: Administrator, Editor, and Collaborator. An Administrator has no restrictions on what they can do on the platform. The Editor role has some restrictions, primarily around buying bulk credits and editing organisation settings. Collaborators may review and provide feedback on projects.

Moving forward, we will continue to build on these capabilities to further evolve the platform, so your organization has all the tools and features needed to help make design happen.

As exciting as this release is, we have a number of enhancements and innovations on our 2019 roadmap that we can't wait to share with you!

Role Titles and Permissions:


  • The Administrator role has access to all applications, projects and settings within SketchDeck
  • This role should be assigned to SketchDeck users who will be setting up and maintaining core aspects of the product


  • Can create projects, leave pins, send projects back for more work, add people to projects and set roles on specific projects
  • Has no access to the organisation project sharing; can access the list of organisation users


  • Can view and place pins on projects.
  • Has no access to the organisation or project sharing; can access the list of organisation users
  • Unable to change the state of a project (e.g. send back, complete etc.)

Assign roles to your organisations 'Users' page

Learn more about Roles via the "Help>Reference documentation" menu

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