Welcome to the Brave New World of B2B Design


Welcome to the Brave New World of B2B Design


Welcome to the brave new world of B2B design. While Business-to- Business (B2B) marketing and design has a reputation for being boring and dull, more companies are realizing the importance—and business impact—quality design can have on organizations.

Today’s B2B ecosystem is complexthere’s an increasing amount of content being produced, growing expectations for team productivity, and a high benchmark for design.

“Good enough” design no longer makes the cut—bad design is code for old, stodgy companies that are ripe for disruption. Savvy B2B organizations are also leveraging quality design as a strategic growth lever.

The ROI of Design

In a 2018 study, McKinsey Consulting conducted a comprehensive research study on the business value of design. Analyzing historical data over the course of five years, McKinsey analysts rigorously reviewed the design practices of 300 publicly traded companies. This data was matched with over 2 million pieces of financial information in order to identify potential correlation between design practices and financial performance.

The results?

A higher “Design Index Score” which correlated with both higher revenue and business growth. Quality design is no longer a sunk cost or an afterthought—it’s an imperative and proven value driver for growth.

The SketchDeck Blueprint for B2B Design

Over the course of the past 5 years, we at SketchDeck have worked with hundreds of marketing and design teams, including Remy Cointreau, Okta, SAP, ON24 and Instacart, helping these organizations scale design and transition to more design centric cultures.

We’re thrilled to share our learnings, frameworks, strategies and research in this free, 22 page eBook, which provides unique insights into the challenges, approaches and opportunities across the B2B design landscape.

The blueprint for B2B design includes:

  • What’s driving the demand for B2B design—including design ROI
  • The B2B design pyramid—a new framework to visualize design needs
  • The three design challenges companies face—when executing on everyday design
  • The six-part strategy to scale design B2B design within your organization

Download the B2B blueprint for B2B design now!

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