SketchDeck launches pitch deck grants to help socially beneficial projects

We're excited to announce the SketchDeck pitch deck grant program: Every quarter we're awarding socially beneficial projects with free SketchDeck pitch deck service.


Prompted by the recent protests against racism and police brutality, we’ve been reflecting on how we can best use our company’s talents and resources to help make the world a bit better. The last few years have highlighted social inequality, with people of color, immigrants, LBGTQ+, females, and essentially all minorities in America having rights challenged and receiving out-right hostility. All the while, the planet marches towards global warming.

We’re lucky to have a diverse team, spanning many countries and cultures, and the aforementioned pains feel close to home. We’re launching something new: free and heavily discounted pitch deck help for socially beneficial projects. This way we can best leverage our skills towards making a difference.

Each quarter we’ll award five organizations with our comprehensive pitch deck service (covering content and design) worth $4,500 – one with a totally free service, the others with 50% off the regular price.

To jump-start this, our first quarterly application date is July 15th. The application is short, just contact details and an introduction to the project

Please share this widely so the best projects can benefit from this grant.

Apply here

David Mack

David is co-founder of SketchDeck and enjoys writing about design, brand strategy and marketing.

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