Plan for success: SketchDeck’s membership options


Plan for success: SketchDeck’s membership options


At SketchDeck, our mission is to democratize design — making access to great visual design available to all. We exist because traditional design services are unbalanced, favoring multi-million dollar advertising campaigns and expensive rebrands. While today’s marketing teams need design toolboxes, most design services are only highly-creative hammers, where every project is a nail. In today’s fast and agile design and marketing environment, we believe that this one size fits all approach no longer works. We believe that every team and business is different; different goals, different missions, and different needs for marketing design.

SketchDeck offers levels of service to fit the exact needs of our clients. So, when does it makes sense to start working with us on our entry-level Team plan, instead of going project-by-project? Let’s quickly explore the value and cost differences between the two options.

When should you make the switch?

When buying groceries, purchasing in bulk often leads to a better cost per unit. But the thing is, you don’t always need those 40 pounds of apples, or 400 rolls of toilet paper. That’s why memberships at stores like Costco or Sam’s Club make sense — pay upfront for access to lower pricing.

The same concept applies to SketchDeck’s plans. Signing onto a membership means you’ll receive lower costs on your project designs. This makes it more cost-effective to place projects on an ongoing basis. The price difference can be dramatic: project rates start at $120 per credit, but upgrading to a team plan drops that per credit rate to only $120 — a 20% reduction.

The Team plan also unlocks additional benefits for smaller organizations, including a consistent design team featuring additional project management oversight. The design team gets to know your brand, learning your needs and style to provide convenient, on-brand design across a much wider scale than is possible with freelancers or traditional agencies.

Members collaborating on projects through SketchDeck’s design asset manager save additional time and increase productivity. All versions of projects, design files, and communications are retained for easy access. From placing projects at any time of day, to eliminating email communication with the innovative JOT interface, members can improve their project management through our technology. This technology is only made available to Team members and above.

Checklist for a Team Plan

Smaller organizations may not have a developed enough design presence to merit a Team plan. There are several requirements to signing up for a Team plan, or a higher-level plan, that come from having a built out brand or branding authority.

First, we require that our partners have a clear scope of work. Scopes of work projects out the number of projects you expect over a certain period of time. Cost and time evaluations can only happen once we understand what your upcoming needs will be. Having a clear understanding leads to the most efficient prioritization.

SketchDeck is built for day-to-day design needs. We can be your entire design toolbox, but someone on your team needs to know what you’re building for us to help.That’s why we have an additional requirement for an in-house authority on brand. This can be a Creative Director, a Marketing Director, or someone in a similar role. You’ll need to have an existing set of brand guidelines and templates, or be willing to work to co-create those with us.

Can I use SketchDeck without joining as a member?

For some clients, the flexibility of paying project-by-project is worth the premium price versus our lower membership rates. For example, SKAEL, an AI startup, lacks the requirements for a team plan. But that hasn’t stopped them from benefitting from our service:

“Love them or hate them, slides are a major companies communicate and spread their message. The team at SketchDeck reviewed our deck, got to work and helped clean up our overview slides to something that is now visually appealing with the right content. They were communicative, fast, friendly, efficient and reasonably priced. Lots of positive feedback from our potential partners and customers. We will definitely use SketchDeck again into the future and highly recommend them to other enterprises small or big.

Simply put, SketchDeck’s membership plans provide better value than traditional design services. Rather than focusing on flagship creative projects at the exclusion of all else, the SketchDeck team is agile and flexible enough to handle a team’s day-to-day design demands.

SketchDeck’s memberships suit companies of any size, from emerging startups to established enterprises. With an existing design practice in place, our team can supplement yours to help with presentations, advertisements, and general documents whenever you need. Our unique mix of software and service paired with our flexible project pricing, gets your most effective branding into every project and truly democratizes your design.

Want to see pricing for plans and projects? Click here to compare, or schedule a call with a team member.

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