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At the start of 2017 we have made some big changes to SketchDeck. In this post, I want to run through some of the biggest changes in detail.

Focus on regular design needs

We started SketchDeck believing we could provide design to everyone at any time. The reality is we best serve clients we work with regularly. So, effective January 1 2017, we are becoming a subscription only service.

We are incredibly excited for this change - we are able to focus all our energy behind our strongest service.

Subscriptions start at $5,000 per month and can grow to support the needs of the largest marketing teams. We offer two month pilots to try us out. To sign up for a pilot visit our pricing page.

Faster production, more creative design

We have simplified our service levels down to two: production and design. How to choose:

  • Have a template set up and don’t need creativity? Pick Production
  • Don’t have a template or you need creativity? Pick Design.

Production requires a template to be set up in advance (if you need help with this, drop us an email). The template stores all the information about format, design, examples, etc so your designer can work quickly and efficiently.

The result - simpler, faster production for you.

We have merged our design and create service into a super-charged design service. Design can be accessed either from your templates (by checking the “get creative input on some of my slides”) or by default from the “start a new project” section of the shelf.

Every design project is reviewed by a design director or senior designer at the start. They will lay out the deliverables, creatively direct the project, and lead the creative review.

The result - higher creativity design.

New “by the hour” and “get a quote” products

The start a new project shelf only has our most popular project types. We have made it easier to get our help on other types of projects with the introduction of “by the hour” and “get a quote” options.

Our project shelf does not have every design project you need. We have made it easier to get help with custom design projects with the introduction of “by the hour” and “get a quote”. For custom design projects that you want us to get going on right away, choose “by the hour” (example ad-resizings, tweeks to a file, etc). For bigger custom design projects, choose “get a quote” and we’ll price the project out before we get started.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or feedback about these changes, please reach out to us at

We’re excited for our new focus. We hope you can join us in this journey.

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