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Okta is a computer software company with 800+ employees, headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Canada, the UK, mainland Europe and Australia. They provide a secure platform to connect employees with essential technology. Thousands of organizations trust Okta to help accomplish their goals a fast as possible.

12 hours

Average iteration time


Projects delivered per month

320 hours

Time saved each month


Brand compliance


After completing a full rebrand, Okta was in need of a scalable solution to implement their brand company wide. Okta had ambitious growth goals and a fast-paced marketing calendar to match. However, they had limited resources in-house, and needed to move quickly and at scale. Okta was getting ready to expand into new industry verticals and increase the size and depth of their customer acquisition engine. They were determined to accelerate their marketing and communications with increased access to design resources.


SketchDeck was held to a series of success metrics including time to delivery, creativity, and brand consistency. Over time the ROI was clear, so our partnership grew. They signed onto an Enterprise membership and moved all of their production & design needs over to SketchDeck. Today, SketchDeck handles a large range of Okta’s company-wide design needs from website content, to events, to sales collateral.

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Okta has increased the number of employees who have direct access to designers by 1400%. They have ramped up marketing production to 100+ individual projects each month. All this at one quarter of the cost of hiring an equivalent capacity in-house design team.

Access to design

As part of their push for more growth, Okta’s need for design expanded to new areas of the company. SketchDeck has enabled Okta’s creative services organization to expand from five users on the platform to more than 70 across sales and marketing. Each of these employees are able to start a project any time of the day in minutes.

99.5% brand consistency

The complete Okta Brand Book spans 60+ pages. SketchDeck executes design to brand guidelines 99.5% of the time, enabling marketing experimentation while preserving the correct expression of the brand guidelines.

Increased productivity

Okta’s deployment of the SketchDeck design platform is global and company-wide. SketchDeck saves Okta’s employees 320 hours each month — 2 FTE's time that can be devoted to other impactful activities.

Speed and scale

Okta uses SketchDeck to begin three to five new design projects every day. During peak times like trade shows and events, their daily demand increases 2-3x, but SketchDeck is able to still deliver on-time with no slowdown in deliverables. 30% of iterations are delivered in six hours with another 50% turned around within 12 hours.

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