Startups are hard work.

Getting beautiful pitch deck presentation design shouldn't be.

Get the perfect pitch deck, with SketchDeck.

SketchDeck is your on demand pitch deck design team, supercharged by a powerful platform. SketchDeck gives you 24/7 access to high-quality, pitch deck design — so you can be more productive, a little less stressed, and a whole lot happier.


Teams of every shape & size make SketchDeck their home for design


Raising startup capital is hard

But with SketchDeck, getting high-quality pitch deck design is a breeze. Get on demand, custom pitch deck design at the press of a button.

You need a beautifully designed pitch deck

Investors go through hundreds of decks every month. If you want to have a chance of getting funded, you need to nail your pitch deck with design that helps tell your story.

You know speed matters

In the startup world, speed wins. Scheduling meetings, iterations and getting feedback on your pitch deck all take precious time and resources — and can be a huge distraction to strategic initiatives.

Iterate your way to success

When there's a deal on the line, the pressure is on! You've got so many things to do to get funded, and so little time and resources to create better pitch deck design. You're already stretched thin, so creating a compelling presentation that showcases your vision is a big challenge.

We help startups succeed

Since 2014, thousands of startup have trusted SketchDeck to create high-quality, polished pitch decks that help startups just like yours get funded.

Reliable, efficient and fast delivery.
Every time.

Since 2014, thousands of startup have trusted SketchDeck to create high-quality, polished pitch decks that help startups just like yours get funded.

Collaboration that moves your startup forward

Invite your team to access the SketchDeck platform, so you can work and collaborate at startup speed.

We never compromise on high-quality, custom pitch deck design.

SketchDeck services as an extension of your team to deliver design that makes an impact. Trust our design experts to help make your vision a reality.


Here's your step by step guide to what you can expect during your pitch deck design project:

Start your project

Select the "Start a Project" button anywhere on our site and follow the project brief prompts. Select the project type that best matches your design need. If you provide enough information on the brief, our platform will automate a quote on the right-hand side of the brief window. When ready, press "Start Now". Your Project Manager will review the brief so we can get started.

Style Exploration

We'll send a small section of your project with style options. Quickly iterate with the design team to find the style that best suits you.

Select your style

Review and approve the style direction — we'll use this to help create your final pitch deck.

Get a full draft

We'll send you the full design based on your approved style. Leave any feedback you have — we'll quickly revise it.

Receive the final draft

Once you have your feedback, we'll send you your polished, expertly designed pitch deck.

Download your pitch deck

Download your files, leave a review and mark your project as complete. Go out and meet investors — you're ready to get funded.


Between my sales years at Google, and time at Cherubic Ventures, I've seen hundreds (maybe thousands) of unconvincing pitch decks. These often contribute to missed opportunities to persuade investors.

partner, cherubic ventures,
former google employee


It's been a pleasure working with the team at SketchDeck —



Every time I build a deck,

Founder & Partner,
Switch Ventures

SketchDeck pitch deck services include:

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Startup Pitch Deck Design
As an investor, having a well designed deck is critical.

The deck acts as the first impression and hence, it is important to make it count. Never discount the importance of spending time to get the best design possible for your dec. It will only increase the likelihood of getting in front of investors.

Venture capitalist

Investor pitches last a matter of minutes

Pitch deck design is not a luxury. It's a necessity.

Invest in your startup by investing in design — it can make all the difference between failure to launch and funding for your startup.

Make your pitch deck unforgettable with SketchDeck.

As featured in:

"SketchDeck Turns Terrible Slide Decks Into Beautiful Presentations"
— TechCrunch
"As design influences more and more of how we do business, it is exciting to see how companies like SketchDeck are setting a new and more demanding standard".
— Forbes


How do I place a project with SketchDeck?

Placing a project is quick and easy! Just select the project type that is the best fit and fill out the brief. At the bottom of the page, you'll receive a project quote and estimated timeline. If things look right, press "Place Project," and we'll get to work. Have more questions? Check out our new user guide.

How much will my project cost?

Project pricing is based on a few factors, including project size and type, how quickly you need it (speed), and the level of design you require.

How is my work confidential?

We respect you and your company's privacy - we always treat your work and information with confidentiality. All of our designers have signed privacy agreements, and your information will be kept strictly between you and us. The SketchDeck platform securely logs you into your account to view your project each time, so on you and the colleagues you've invited to your project have access. We work with companies of all sizes - from startups to Fortune 500 companies - we treat everyone with the same respect and consideration. If you prefer to sign an NDA with us, we're happy to accommodate.

In what format will I receive my pitch deck design files?

We will return your presentation in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides - name your preference, and we'll make it happen!

Does my content need to be complete before I submit my pitch deck design request?

Yes, we will need to have your content finalized before you submit your request. Here are some tips to help you create a high impact business presentation.

Can you animate transition slides?

Yes! Animated transitions and simple animations (e.g., sliding or fading) can be included in the platform quote, but you will need to specify that you'd like builds. Anything beyond this may require an additional scope.

If data changes, can graphs be edited?

Yes! Please provide us with an Excel document of the data for the graphs in your presentation. We'll link the graph design to the Excel sheet, so you can update the data as needed - and the graphs will adjust accordingly.

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