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Design your presentation with SketchDeck (YC '14). Investors see hundreds of presentations a year — having a great deck at Demo Day demonstrates your value and helps you stand out.

Design 15 slides for $2,500.

A winning pitch deck starts with stunning design.


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How SketchDeck works for your Demo Day deck

14 days to Demo Day —
send us your draft

We'll get started on style samples with your draft content and brand guidelines. This stage requires at least 3 slides where content is nearly finalized. While we're working on that, hone your deck. Here's what we learned from designing 200 pitch decks.

11-9 days to Demo Day —
hone your style

We'll send you style samples, you chose which one works best for you. If needed, we'll have time for another style sample iteration based on your feedback.

9 days to Demo Day —
finalize your content

Send us your updated content 9 days before DD. We'll have a final draft for you within 2-3 business days. Any remaining small tweaks can be made within 24 hours.

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Twitter Reviews

Between my sales years at Google, and time at Cherubic Ventures, I've seen hundreds (maybe thousands) of unconvincing pitch decks. These often contribute to missed opportunities to persuade investors.

partner, cherubic ventures,
former google employee

As an investor, having a well designed deck is critical...

The deck acts as the first impression and hence, it is important to make it count. Never discount the importance of spending time to get the best design possible for your dec. It will only increase the likelihood of getting in front of investors.

Venture capitalist

Investor pitches last a matter of minutes

Demo Day pitches last a matter of minutes—you have limited time to grab the attention of potential investors. Make your presentation stand out from thousands of others with great pitch deck design.

Since 2014, thousands of startups have trusted SketchDeck to create high-quality, polished pitch decks. We can't wait to help you too!

As featured in

"SketchDeck Turns Terrible Slide Decks Into Beautiful Presentations"
— TechCrunch
"As design influences more and more of how we do business, it is exciting to see how companies like SketchDeck are setting a new and more demanding standard".
— Forbes


How much will my project cost?

Pricing for Demo Day decks starts at $1500 for 15 slides.

How is my work confidential?

We respect you and your company's privacy - we always treat your work and information with confidentiality. All of our designers have signed privacy agreements, and your information will be kept strictly between you and us. The SketchDeck platform securely logs you into your account to view your project each time, so only you and the colleagues you've invited to your project have access. We work with companies of all sizes - from startups to Fortune 500 companies - we treat everyone with the same respect and consideration. If you prefer to sign an NDA with us, we're happy to accommodate.

What format is my pitch deck returned in?

We will return your presentation in PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides - name your preference, and we'll make it happen!

How long does it take to design a Demo Day deck?

Start the project about 2 weeks before your demo day. You can expect your first delivery  (typically style samples) 2-3 days after the project starts.

Can you animate transition slides?

Yes! Animated transitions and simple animations (e.g., sliding or fading) can be included in the platform quote, but you will need to specify that you'd like builds. Anything beyond this may require an additional scope.

Can my graphs be edited if the data changes?

Yes! Please provide us with an Excel document of the data for the graphs in your presentation. We'll link the graph design to the Excel sheet, so you can update the data as needed - and the graphs will adjust accordingly.

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