Logo Design

We helped a business in our local community re-launch in the wake of COIVD-19. We brainstormed a diverse set of logo concepts, out of which we developed the client's favorite into a ready-to-go business brand.

COVID-19 has been tough on businesses around the world. A local business owner reached out to us for help, needing a new brand for her re-launch.

Our team got creative exploring different mountain shapes

Branding is always a big creative challenge: you start with a blank slate and need to create something that'll last for many years to come.

Our team took business owner Charity Shelby's company values, and explored how to combine those with her business (cleaning) and location (the mountains). Below you can see some of our team's ideas, as well as how the brand will look in real life.

After just one week of three different designers brainstorming, we delivered six different concepts. Charity loved them all, and told us it was difficult to choose.

Selected logo in hand, we put together a package of all the assets Charity needed to put the logo to work.

“SketchDeck was magic – I wasn't sure how to explain what I wanted and they provided six beautiful ideas that were hard to pick from. Thank you!”



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