Pitch Deck with Foundation Branding

Testing is an essential part of the education system, but it wasn’t easy to take it online. At least, it wasn’t until Quality Assured Testing entered the picture. Meet QAT, the edtech platform that educators actually want to use.

A furmidable problem 

QAT set out with a bold mission: Better remote testing for the 77 million Americans in education. 

This was no small feat, with immeasurable problems including cheating, poor internet access, lack of adoption in schools, and the boycott of active surveillance to address.   

So, they partnered with another powerhouse to help outline their solution and make edtech appealing to investors in 30 minutes or less: SketchDeck.  

The many pawsibilities 

The brand’s personality was labeled bold, contemporary, warm and fun–lending itself to soft edges, rounded corners, and a purple-led color scheme. 

The SketchDeck designers delivered two moodboards, each with inspiration images, color palette suggestions, possible image treatments and a simple, early version of a cat logo to act as a placeholder. 

After collaboration and feedback, the final deck emerged–a deck that would have any investor wanting to invest meow. 

A purrfect ending 

By the end, QAT had a pitch deck that was clean and friendly, with a style that the client thought was well, the cat’s meow.


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