Landing Page

Finally, there’s a solution for college students looking to save with a purpose–and then shop debt-free. Meet Thrive Savings, the e-commerce meets fintech platform that combines saving, spending and giving back for brighter financial futures.

The mission 

Objective-based saving and debt-free shopping, without credit cards or Afterpay. All possible with just one solution: Thrive Savings. 

As Thrive’s college community grew and a long waiting list formed, they moved to upgrade their landing page to one that would showcase their progressive brand to users, investors and partners alike. 

So, they partnered with another powerful platform to make the design process as seamless as their own: SketchDeck.

The launch 

In order to reach their target market of 17-22 year old college students, the brand would need to present bolder and brighter than those of the traditional fintech variety–it would need to incorporate the uplifting, youthful flavor e-commerce often brought to the table. 

With this goal of balance between informative and fun, Thrive and SketchDeck set out to create the perfect landing page. 

Using Sketch and XD, SketchDeck designers started with grayscale and wire frames to manage the content and UX of the website. Style tiles and short style examples of site were built:

And after collaboration and feedback between both teams, the final style emerged: 

The success 

By the end, Thrive Savings had a landing page that was approachable and friendly, with a style that stood out. As Jordan Wimmer, the CEO and Co-founder, said herself: “SketchDeck delivered a well-designed, beautiful page that we feel proud of… [and] we've had excellent feedback from customers and investors."  

"We love working with SketchDeck. They take the time to understand our vision and always interpret in a way that we could have never imagined."



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