Design an event booth for a conference

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$340 - $1,700
Depending on size of project
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12 to 48 hours
First draft delivery
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1 to 2 weeks
Final draft delivery

When you have an important event, you want your team to focus on delivering the very best experience to each visitor of your booth.

That means you need a timely, on-brand design within budget to help you stand out from the crowd and bring quality traffic.

We’ve experience creating awarded booth designs like the one we delivered for at the AWS re:Invent conference. Nuxeo, Transporeon and Workbooks are a few of the brands that also trust SketchDeck for awesome booth designs.


Our design team will work with you iteratively—first figuring out the overall style and layout you want, then honing in on the final design.

Throughout the project, all files will be available for you to download. By the end you will have:

  • Full source files
  • Images for every booth panel

How it works

We'll take your initial content, help you develop it if necessary and then design it.

You give us what you have so far—that could be a description of your vision, existing sketches or previous design files. We’ll work directly with you and your team to design your project. Here's an example of before and after design:

Before design
After design

Our design process is simple and iterative. Most projects will go through the following phases:

Illustration of a designer designing

1. Help you with your content (optional)

Great design starts with... great content!

We can work with you from any starting point. If your content is final, great we'll get it straight to design. If you need some content development, our team is ready to help.

Whether you need some light touch-ups, or a deep re-write, we'll devise a plan to make your content shine during your kick-off call.

Illustration of a hand painting

2. Find your style

We begin by delivering a round of style samples. Samples allow you to see small previews of fully thought-out designs and help us determine together the best design direction for your project.

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3. Iterate your way to success

Great design doesn’t just appear—it takes time to get it right. Your project quote won’t include a set number of iterations; but on average a creative level project typically takes 1-2 sample iterations to nail down the overall style.

Once you're happy with the design direction, we'll apply it to your complete content and create your first full draft. You provide feedback on that, and after some edits your project is complete.

Learn more about our process


How do I place my project?

It's easy to start: fill out the form on the right (or bottom, mobile-using-friends!) and tell us about your project. Our team will get in touch ASAP. In a rush? You can start your project here.

How much will my project cost?

Project pricing is based on a few factors, including: project size and type, how quickly you need it (speed), and the level of design you require. We've included the range of prices this type of project typically comes in at, but as soon as you tell us a bit more about your project we'll give you a quote. We can also work hourly, if you'd prefer.

Does my content need to be final before starting a project?

We can work with your final content and design it, or we can help you develop your content and then design it. We're happy to help, whatever your needs.

Is my project kept confidential?

We always treat your project and information with confidentiality. All of our designers have signed privacy agreements, and your information will be kept strictly between you and us. The SketchDeck platform securely logs you into your account to view your project, so only you and any colleagues you've invited have access. We work with companies of all sizes - from startups to Fortune 500 companies - and treat everyone with the same respect and consideration. If you prefer to sign an NDA with us, we're happy to accommodate.


Mayne Hairston

5-star rating4-star rating3-star rating
Trade Marketing Manager, Rémy Cointreau

“Working with SketchDeck was amazing! We briefed the team on our request and tricky ideas, and they took on the challenge with ease. SketchDeck not only delivered us what we wanted but went above and beyond. Thank you again, and can’t wait to work with SketchDeck again!”

Carol Jang

5-star rating4-star rating3-star rating
Marketing Manager, Ascend.IO

"We appreciate that SketchDeck could come on that journey of finding the perfect design—being totally understanding and happily accommodating us as we continued to pivot along the way."

Jordan Wommer

5-star rating4-star rating3-star rating
CEO & Co-founder, Thrive Savings

"Just a really enjoyable experience and I'm so delighted with the outcome. Thank you so much"

Natalie Lambert

5-star rating4-star rating3-star rating
Chief Marketing Officer, Instart

“I have very much enjoyed the partnership with SketchDeck and look forward to continuing to work with the team!!!”

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Design an event booth for a conference
$340 - $1,700
depending on size of project
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First draft
12 to 48 hours
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Final draft
1 to 2 weeks