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"I want great bespoke design, on a tight budget, delivered yesterday!". We're used to clients coming to us with tall orders, and we've developed an innovative kit-based presentation design approach to deliver great design, quickly.

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Just as modular and kit based approaches have revolutionized the construction industry, we've been applying the same ideas to design. Based on the thousands of presentations we've designed, we've created a beautiful set of design kits that we can tailor to any brand.

By starting with the kit, then customizing the colors, fonts, images and lines, we create something contempory, beautiful and on-brand. Thanks to the kit we can deliver the design faster, and therefore work to a more constrained budget. With our kits, you CAN have your cake and eat it!

Our kits work best for clients that don't have pre-existing branded templates they are required to use, and who are more flexible on the look and feel of the work. This often fits clients who are earlier in their brand journey, or for work that is a new sub-brand in a mature organization.

In this service we apply the kit for you to your content.

Example of applying a kit

Here is one of our most popular kits: The Empire State of Decks.

The clean, minimalist design features a nice balance of visual imagery and textual content. It’s fully customizable–meaning clients can tailor this design based on their unique brand identity, with brand fonts, colors, and more.

This is the uncustomized kit:
presentation kit
presentation kits
presentation deck design
The kit applied to three different brands

Now watch how the kit completely morphs, like a business-chameleon into many different brands.

Meet WealthCloud, a platform that helps people grow their savings:

wealthcloud presentation design

presentation graphic design example

Next up, here is PingPong, a fun new social media app aimed at teens. It has the oppositve audience of WealthCloud and a completely different feel of energy and vivaciousness:

graphic design presentation examples
professional presentation design

Finally, a SaaS product that helps creatives work together. It has a youthful palette like PingPong, but very different colors and feels much more business-appropriate:

visual design presentation
sales presentation kits

These examples show how despite all using the same kit, each design comes out very different and specific to the client.

Learn more from our design guru, Katie:

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Before and after

Here is the content a client gave us:

Before design

And here is the design we created:

After design

The SketchDeck approach

All files will be available for you to download at any time. Your designer will deliver:

At the heart of every project we work on is the SketchDeck team, dedicated to making sure you love the finished design. We're proud of our creativity, communication and agility. We've worked hard to build the teams we have today.

We pair this team with an innovative design delivery platform we built ourselves. It super-charges every project with rapid turnaround, transparent communication and impeccable organization.

There's a reason that marketing teams at top global brands like Spotify and Salesforce work with us time and time again for their designs: we elevate their brand, guard the quality of their design and make it effortless to kick off further engagements.

Whether you've worked with us a hundred times or are starting your first project, we're excited to have you on board!

Here's what one of our happy clients had to say:

Gris Cuevas Zambrano

Gris Cuevas Zambrano

5-star rating4-star rating3-star rating
Open Source Strategy - Big Data Analytics, Google Cloud

“Working with Sketchdeck was seamless and impressive.”

Our process

We'll take your initial content, help you develop it if necessary and then design it to create the best result for your brand. It's quick and easy to get started with us:

If you are short on time or low on budget, a pre-designed presentation kit is a great option. It is also an ideal choice if your brand guidelines are fairly flexible. (If your company has a 30-page brand guideline document, this wouldn’t be the right fit.) If your brand’s style guide just includes the basics, such as the desired color palette, fonts and photo styles, all can be easily applied to these templates. 

If you have decided this is the route for you, here’s what you can expect from the process itself. 

First, you will submit a design brief, and will be assigned a project manager. He/she will work with you to manage the process from start to finish, helping ensure that the final presentation is representative of your brand.

In the brief, please provide your brand guidelines. But not to worry–if you don’t have many, that’s okay! As discussed above, those who have fewer brand guidelines tend to benefit most from presentation kits. Your PM will likely suggest a quick design call, depending on the level of detail provided in your brief.

Then, once we have all the information needed, our design team will take your content as well as any associated guidelines, and run with it! Within 2-3 days we will provide a first iteration and the content you provided will have been transformed into a fully designed presentation, one that can be put to use immediately if no tweaks are needed. If some adjustments are needed there will be time and budget to allow for another iteration or two of tweaks.

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Learn more about the agile, high quality process we use to ensure project success.

1. Help you with your content (optional)

Great design starts with great content!

We can work with you from any starting point. If your content is final, we’ll go straight to design–but if you need assistance with content development, our team is ready to help.

Whether you need some light touch-ups or a deep rewrite, we'll devise a plan to make your content shine during your kick-off call.

2. Find your style

Our team will deliver a round of style samples. Samples allow you to see small previews of fully thought-out designs and help us determine together the best design direction for your project.

3. Iterate your way to success

Great design doesn’t just appear—it takes time to get it right. Your project quote won’t include a set number of iterations, but we find that it typically takes 1-2 sample iterations to nail down the overall style for a creative level project.

Once you're happy with the design direction, we'll apply it to your complete content and create your first full draft. You provide feedback on that, and after some edits your project is complete.

Learn more about our process

Example project prices

Every project begins with one of our project managers reviewing everything you've provided. You can request an initial quote in our platform and we'll provide you with a detailed quote and budget options.

Here are some example project prices, to help give you an idea of our pricing:

Design deliverables

Our design team will serve as an extension of your own throughout the process. We'll come alongside you and iterate based on feedback, from the first idea all the way through to the final design until you're satisfied that you have the best design.

Throughout the project, all files will be available for you to download. By the end you will have:

  • Presentation file (e.g. PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides link)
  • Any associated template files, if part of the project scope
  • Online-shareable PDF
  • Print ready files
  • All design assets (e.g. illustrator file, image assets)


How do I place my project?

It's easy to start: fill out the form on the right (or bottom, mobile-using friends!) and tell us about your project. Our team will get in touch ASAP. In a rush? You can start your project here.

How much will my project cost?

Project pricing is based on a few factors, including: project size and type, how quickly you need it (speed), and the level of design you require. We've included the range of prices this type of project typically comes in at, but as soon as you tell us a bit more about your project we'll give you a quote. We can also work hourly, if you'd prefer.

Does my content need to be final before starting a project?

We can work with your final content and design it, or we can help you develop your content and then design it. We're happy to help, whatever your needs!

Is my project kept confidential?

We work with companies of all sizes–from startups to Fortune 500 companies–and treat everyone with the same respect and consideration. Your project and information will always be kept confidential, unless express permission is given to share. All of our designers sign privacy agreements and the SketchDeck platform provides a secure login process, so only you and any colleagues you've invited have access to projects. If you still prefer to sign an NDA with us, though, we're more than happy to accommodate.

What if I'm not happy?

We'll do everything necessary to make you happy with our work – even if that means starting your project over again, bringing in extra designers for new ideas or upgrading your service at no extra cost. We never want to leave a client with a bad experience, and always put you first, before our own concerns. We stand by our client experience, always.


Jordan Wimmer

Jordan Wommer

5-star rating4-star rating3-star rating
CEO & Co-founder, Thrive Savings

“Just a really enjoyable experience and I'm so delighted with the outcome. Thank you so much.”

Danielle Dudum Baxter

Danielle Dudum Baxter

5-star rating4-star rating3-star rating
Partner, Cherubic Ventures, Former Google employee

“SketchDeck has created a service that's accessible and approachable for all.”

Gris Cuevas Zambrano

Gris Cuevas Zambrano

5-star rating4-star rating3-star rating
Open Source Strategy - Big Data Analytics, Google Cloud

“Working with Sketchdeck was seamless and impressive.”

Divya Mulanjur

Divya Mulanjur

5-star rating4-star rating3-star rating
Head of Email and Content Marketing, Suiteness

“LOVE! This design is beautiful!! I love how you've used new colors to make it exciting but our brand colors are still prominent. Great job!”

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Presentation design from kit
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$700 to $6,000
depending on the number of slides and speed
depending on number of slides
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First draft
12 to 48 hours
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1 to 2 weeks