We love sharing our knowledge about design, pitching, and entrepreneurship. We've given talks at conferences and events around the world, and always enjoy speaking at new venues.
About Us

Chris Finneral

Co-Founder and CEO

A Cambridge educated Engineer, Chris worked in both global business (McKinsey) and startups (Breathing Buildings, Datoral) prior to founding SketchDeck. Chris excels at sales, fundraising and business strategy.

He has worked as the Head of Sales and CEO since the company’s founding, as well as getting heavily involved in many aspects of the company including product design, operations and communications.

Past talks

David Mack

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing

Cambridge and Oxford educated Computer Scientist-Mathematician, David worked in a strategy consultancy, leading investment bank (Barclays Capital) and startup (Datoral) prior to founding SketchDeck.

David combines a strong technical background with an eye for design and marketing. He has worked a diverse range of roles in the company including CTO, Head of Product, Head of Marketing, and helped run design operations.

Past talks

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