SketchDeck vs Fiverr

SketchDeck makes it fast and easy to access high quality design. Fiverr is great for small tasks, but not designed for the quality, speed and reliability demanded by sales and marketing teams.

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Best for

Getting going fast with high quality design

A small one-off task such as image touch-ups


Start a project anytime in our platform, receive design as fast as 24 hours

Depends on the freelancer chosen, usually a couple of days

Design quality

Reliably high, used by top marketing teams at companies such as Spotify, Dropbox and Google

Variable quality, depends on which freelancer you choose

Skills provided

A full complementary team is staffed on every project. Includes Design Director, Designers, Illustators, Quality Checker and Project Manager

Single skill based which service and freelancer you choose

Ease of working with

Completely effortless service – you just tell us what you need and give us feedback

You need to project-manage the freelancer and check their work for errors and brand compliance

Brand compliance

Your design team will be trained to know your brand inside-out and deliver consistently on-brand design

You must teach your chosen freelancer your brand, then check that they are complying with it. There is no promise you can regularly work with the freelancer.


Average project costs $1,000, or $120/hour

Despite the name, often more than $5. Tasks are priced $5 - $300, often with hidden upsells.

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